About Me

Sul Sul everyone! My Name is Sonya and I have been playing the sims since day one. (February 2000) Going from Sims 1,2,3 and now at 4. Graphics wise, 4 is my favorite. Honestly, I wish EA would make all 4 Sims into one enormous pack. I think the game would be tremendous!

I love to write. I am not as good as a lot of the other Sim writers, but I believe I will get better with time! If you can give any kind of positive criticism to help me improve, I would appreciate it. What would make you more interested in my stories? What do you like about my stories?

*If you have anything truly negative to say. Please keep it to yourself.

Also Simmermomof2 IS my gallery name. I love to build and have many houses of all shapes and sizes on the gallery. Please feel free to browse and even follow me!